Revisiting 2011

Every­body deserves to be adored
at least once in their lives.

It should be a sort of reward
for actu­al­ly choos­ing to live this life
that’s been hand­ed to us
with­out con­sent,
or con­sul­ta­tion.


Yes. I like that. It should be a right!


Homage to Pip­pin.


At what point in our lives
do we final­ly have to face the fact
that we are noth­ing more than ordi­nary,
and even that, not a new thought,
but one felt before by uncount­ed mil­lions of humans
across the course of the mil­le­ni­um.


If all of human­i­ty is but the barest sec­ond
in the whole of the uni­verse,
how seri­ous­ly can we take our­selves?

Isn’t per­spec­tive about under­stand­ing?


Maybe I got off track when fun­da­men­tal Chris­tians
start­ed explain­ing all about dinosaurs.

and a dit­ty…

Olde words,
longe for­got­ten.
bring new joy
to the mis­be­got­ten.


Who’s to say
what’s well-adjust­ed,
Or what’s Mal?

…Or what Match­es
Left to Right.

When the World turns
in irreg­u­lar pat­terns,
who’s to say
whose truth is true,

…Or what’s real,
or Right!

Even what mat­ters.

In the end, when it comes to choos­ing up sides,

Life itself is the ulti­mate vic­tim.

Not the arbiters of san­i­ty.

Sweet Bon­nie Kate,
con­demned by fate
to ever want,
and nev­er wait.

With much to do,
and more to see -
But with no means
to make it be!

I grew up in the shad­ow of every fault my imme­di­ate fam­i­ly saw in one anoth­er.

If it was bad, I had it.

If it was real­ly bad, it was because I made it even worse than the orig­i­nal ver­sion.

Small won­der I grew up with a bit of a com­plex.…

Child of Age.

Child of my age -
I won­der, and I wor­ry.
What will you do with­out me?

How can I keep you safe
when I have gone beyond that veil
we all must pass.

I look at you,
and see myself -
A female twinned from male.

Your every move reminds me
of moves I might have made —

Your every mood delights me;
restores my bat­tered faith.

And so, I won­der, and I wor­ry.
What will you do with­out me?