More About Me…

Didn’t Get Enough? Need to know more? You’re kidding, right? OK. You asked for it.…

I real­ize these “About Me” sec­tions are impor­tant, but some­how, every time I have to com­plete one, I find myself at a loss for words (a state that is in my dai­ly life, rarely the case).

I sup­pose I just hap­pen to think it’s impos­si­ble to sim­pli­fy one’s life down into a para­graph or two, or, worse yet, a bul­let­ed list (which I sup­pose means I’m a com­pli­cat­ed per­son).

There. He’s com­pli­cat­ed. One per­son­al­i­ty trait revealed.

Anoth­er? I have trou­ble writ­ing short sen­tences. That has served me well as a writer over the years so I no longer feel the need to apol­o­gize for it. Some peo­ple have to work to get up to the word count they require. For me, it’s always the oppo­site. I have to write, then edit back, then write, then edit back again. It’s actu­al­ly a fas­ci­nat­ing process… but again, what does it say about me…complicated.

Com­pli­cat­ed also tends to describe many of my opin­ions and/or posi­tions on a vari­ety of top­ics. I don’t like to reduce the world to a set of polar extremes. Rather, I pre­fer the myr­i­ad states of “in between”. That both­ers some peo­ple. I’d pre­fer to think it’s nor­mal.

More? Hmm.

I’ve def­i­nite­ly always been an over-achiev­er, always had ADD, and always strug­gled to find accep­tance and/or approval (even if I already had it). Com­pli­cat­ed.


I’m a Social Lib­er­al. Being Amer­i­can, and being gay in the twen­ty first cen­tu­ry, means I have to be (because the con­ser­v­a­tives have been tak­en over by fun­da­men­tal­ist Chris­tians and the extreme right).

Fis­cal­ly, I’m less lib­er­al. I believe that small­er gov­ern­ment is bet­ter, I believe that local gov­ern­ments can always do a bet­ter job of man­ag­ing than larg­er gov­ern­ments, and, in gen­er­al, I think we need less tax­es. I am also a great believ­er in less, when it comes to reg­u­la­tions.

As you know (if you read my home page), I grew up in West­ern North Car­oli­na — a haven for peo­ple who take the idea of indi­vid­ual rights VERY seri­ous­ly. I do too. And since I now live in a state (Cal­i­for­nia) which takes a more pop­ulist view, and I often find myself at odds with that. Cal­i­for­ni­ans believe that if you keep reg­u­lat­ing, you can keep improv­ing. I think it leads to sil­ly laws, less rights, and an over­com­pli­cat­ed, less effec­tive, gov­ern­ment. But that’s just me.…

I have always been an artist and a writer, and have also always been for­tu­nate to be in a career field where I could use, and/or express, some or all of that. I am par­tic­u­lar­ly thrilled to be at a point in my life now where I can do those things as much as I like.

Want to know more? Really?