Rethinking 2008.

Matters managed.

Things were never good; only managed.
	We all tried - 
		but managed 
	just barely not to fail.

No point placing blame, I guess.
	Not today, 
		nor ever -

Time to live with what’s past,
	Try to Live past it
		and say good bye.

Because the time, and the place 
	for anger and resentment are gone,
along with most of the players.

The ones left
	can only wish things had been different,
		or that we were.


Common Ground, 
	or at least Comfort, 
was something we wanted - 
	tried our best to construct 
out of the wrongness of who we were.
We never made it - 

	Only managed to work it out the best way we could.

I escaped as fast as time, 
	and my barely opened eyes would let me!

I don’t think anyone completely failed,
	or maybe we all did.

I don’t think anyone wanted to be hateful,
	or even hate-filled.

In the end, all we wanted was something safer,
	Something simpler,
		Maybe just something a little more familiar -

	something we weren’t. 
		couldn’t find, and could never be!

I’d like to thiunk I’ve managed
	to put this all behind me,
but I think it more likely I just hid it somewhere
	that only I can see,


	I don’t feel so different - 

But my Blood does.

Things you cannot see
	can change your life,
		or death.

Things that Blood does.
	Taking stock of the life that fills the minutes
between wakefulness and sleep.

Blood flows,

	Blood knows.

The Great Fire.

There is a dream,
	and a Heart redrawn by flames.

	Kindled from a Great seed
		brought forth by the wind 
	and wave.

There is a dream - 
	forgotten, almost, by too many births,
		and too many broken hearts.

	Burnt bright by the light of day,
		Consumed, it seemed -
	but Not!

There is a dream,
	purified by firestorm!

	Created from a mystery,
		and cured by hearts ablaze -
	set Free!

Brought forth!
	Beyond the grave.

We, the people.

We, the people.
	yeah, us...
the ones that talk funny,
	do the wrong thing at a fancy restaurant,
		and say the wrong thing when you wish we wouldn’t.

We, the People!
	That’s us, alright.
		A place, and a piece of writing,
	meant for us - 
Meant to understand us,
	describe us - 
		Define our right to exist 
outside the norm of what most folks 
	consider common practice, and common courtesy,
at least when you’re counting something 
	other than honest behavior 
as the baseline.

We, the people, alright!
	The ones that believed everything the Founding Fathers wrote!

The Very Ones that tried, 
	and try, every day to live that line, 
		and that series of steps they put down
to make this a NEW world, 
		and a new way of living.

We, the People!
	Some people call us fools, or foolish - 
maybe niave,
	or just too blinded by belief in what can be,
		to give in to what most likely is, 
and will be for some time yet to come.

We, the People!
	We may be fools, but we Believe.