Separation Anxiety…Seeing Stars.

Separation Anxiety.

You touch stars every day,
	Or so They say.

I can only view them from afar.
	See bright pinpoints, blinking and twinkling in the night.
		Tempting me, taunting me....

Why, then, do you choose to burden me with Stars?
	Make me See them -
		Wish to know them,
	Understand the Nature of Stars!

You know, it’s nothing more than foolishness -
	This need -
No, this damn desire
	to see Stars.

I could (should) sooner touch the Earth,
	smell fresh cut grass
(why on earth, does it not die after repeated cuttings?)
	roll myself in a field of fresh cut hay,
			or roll careless through someone else’s
		carefully raked piles of Autumn leaves.

I could, you know...
	and have,
		among other things,
			and on other occasions -
				When I have seen Stars!

	Oh, Damn you, Daddy!

That I should See Stars!
	With all the views on Earth that lie unseen,
		Why should you make me look up
			to see Stars!

You could have kept such things to yourself, you know.


Could have kept them, and all of us, closer -
	 Held us tighter in your Everlasting arms.
		Kept us safe from harm...and Dumb!