I am as prone to foolishness,
	and to stupidity,
		and to just plain naivity,
As I ever was.

I am the same small child
	with the same small beliefs, 
		and the all too righteous understanding 
that I have understood
all at once and all too well,
		and that, therefore I know it all,
			and that what I understand, 
and therefore know, is right.


We do not change much, 
	in the end.
The last accounting comes in quite close to the first.

And I am oftentimes left wondering
		what purpose the process had in mind 
when first I found a form,
	then took it to myself.

Took it, and braved birth, and all this foolishness again, 
	and for what.

We do not change much, when we begin again.
	All the lessons must be relearned.

All pain and foolishness relived, 
	the battles and the blood refelt and fought.

And in the end, here I sit, 
	Foolish and Bloody all over and over again!