The Mountain Home Series: Blue Ridge

The Mountain Home Series: Blue Ridge.

Can Mountains Call,
	and humans hear their keening?

Can Earth establish kinship,
	and Blood be drawn like a magnet
to a landscape limned in green?

And what of cool streams,
	and clear skies?

Will they become an addiction,
	if we look at them long enough, 
		and with enough desire.

Is childish curiosity, 
	and a fascination with trees,
really a form of worship
	put in place by Old Growth Forests
while the World was worrying itself 
		into existence.

I Wonder - 

What is really rooted below the Forest floor - 
Down deep in the leaf mold.

Surely, stuff that draws the soul out
	like a poultice does a boil.

Should I lance me, then?

Call my memories out 
	and see this capricious string connection
that I seem to want to cut, but can’t.

Some days,
	I know I’d like to leave these Green dreams
		where they surfaced,
 like lily pads left flat on a still pond -
	Be done with them, once and for all -

But other days,
	this same me is deeply drawn to Blue Ridges -
Sick for the Home I wanted, 
	even though I wondered 
if it ever wanted me.

	Oh yes - 
I hear the Call.
	See the secret Blue view - 

Mountain Home.

I see it,
	want to heed it,
		maybe Need it.

I want my Freedom... 
	Maybe not.

Because to leave it, 
	would make me leave 
my Self....


I think that I will never 
	Will myself to be.