Feeling form…

Feeling Form...

If Kings and Queens
	were still the norm,
we’d count ourselves
	as Courtiers borne.

But times have changed -
	conventions, new.
today we court
	another crew.

The Queens of Film,
	and Kings of Sport
attract our Praise -
	would be adored.

And we, though claiming
	to transcend
still fall in line -
	their wills, attend.

If You were Bloom,
	then I was Bud -
A poor relation,
	distant blood.

My only Hope -
	the Only cure
at best implied
	til I matured.

If You were Rose,
	then I was Thorn!
The Clever Guard,
	forever scorned.

Content to Stand
	upon the Stem.
A Chaperone -
	and pointed friend.