But If God Said…

But If God Said.….

Why would any­one build a world
designed to fall apart?
Byprod­uct of some cos­mic blast –
a great celes­tial fart.

What could cause this space debris
to form itself in chains?
Bound by finite mor­tal forms
and doomed to cold remains.

Why should a vac­u­ous expanse
col­lapse to mold a heart?
When bet­ter sense would indi­cate
a pref­er­ence not to start.

What makes a sin­gle cell mul­ti­ply
to change its form and func­tion?
When all its bold attempts at life
will end with final unc­tion.

How can the human soul exist
enslaved by earth­ly plea­sures?
When all along its pas­sion burns
like piles of earth­ly trea­sures.
Lat­er I may con­tem­plate
Thy beatif­ic visions.
Til then my heart will cul­ti­vate
more earth­ly appari­tions.