Fragments of Pleasure.…


                Fragments of Pleasure….

      Fragments of pleasure fall uncontrolled
                  from out a sky of pain.
              Bringing with them mortal souls
                caught up in sorrow's rain. 

             Unable to rise, unable to rest --
               unwilling to bear the strain,
             of broken hearts and bloody hands
                and feverish lovers' brains. 


               Each answer that we undertake
                 is but a means to question
               the fabric that we contemplate
               when seeking self-expression. 


       Achings and old tidings
                      signify a start.
       Subtle new beginnings
                     petrify the heart. 


          Why here --
             Forced into earth,
                what accident of fate . . .
                  resulted in this birth? 

                    Why this --
                    Inconsistent grace,
             What shameless misadventure . . .
                 produced this angry place? 

                       Why now --
                     Assaulted by time,
              What misdirected Engineer . . .
                   corrupted the sublime? 


                Heartfelt --
                  and carefully sculpted.
                      Lovingly bound,
                 and painfully constructed. 

                  Set free --
                    a debutante of fate.
                  Aspiring to greatness ,
                 itself the proffered bait. 


                  Anger is a weak excuse
                  for what I need to feel.
                    Fury comes no closer
                  made feeble by my zeal. 

                 Rage is just another word;
                     immature emotion.
                 Ferocious urges soothe me,
                    earning my devotion. 


                     Have you seen it?
                  Have you seen my fright?
                   Did you give it leave
                to wonder through my night? 

                     Have you heard it?
                  Have you heard my fear?
                   Did you bring me water
                   to wash away my tear? 


                  Intimidation of the soul
                  by unsuspecting mortals,
               Tends to cause a tender heart
                 to close away its portals. 

                Often this poor consequence
                   is subject to belief,
               And never having been applied
                   will offer up relief.