(Un)Happiness Abounding.

(Un)Happiness Abounding.


Should I break forth in glittered verse
and weave myself a home,
Or turn away from vain attempts
to fade away unknown.

And if the choice is mine to make;
not something to abide.
Then why does it elude me so
no matter how I've tried.


Should Time choose me as consort
then would I make Him pause
to propagate a longer Spring
more suited to my cause!

Yet time has not an eye for me
and much to my disgust
He seeks another's tireless gaze
Her forward march His lust!

And in that whirling passion
He does not stop to see
The wreckage of His carnal haste,
the subtle change in me!

Nor does He see the folly
in Her cyclical embrace
Of tearing down to build again
what I cannot replace!


Let me regain the Mother now.
I'm done with pride and folly.
I long to see Her spread her skirts
`neath Oak and Birch and Holly.

Too long have I enjoyed my reign
now tired of my ambition.
My lofty dreams are all but spent
since first I made sedition.


Bring forth the Mother spurned so long
for time is coming full.
The Wheel has turned now overlong
and slows its forward pull.


Crippled shores try not to think
as they lose their limbs to the sea.
Instead they simply fear the drink
and break the waves with their plea.


Strength of Vision,
Absence of Drive.
Perhaps some Promise
Will help it Survive.

Knowledge of Purpose,
Weakness of Soul.
Perhaps some Talent
Will forward the Goal.


If I look on life,
as I look on life,
then what will bring me through it?

If I look on love,
as I look on love,
then what will bring me to it?


Drive from me all feeling,
so that I may know no pain.
But bring me back unto myself,
So that I may live again.


Strength in numbers is a test for the weak,
to walk alone is harder.
Untried belief is a test for the meek,
the faithful walk much farther.

Count Your Blessings As You Go
Lest They Disappear Before You.
Know Them Each As Separate Dreams,
And They'll Never Start To Bore You.



If innocence is ignorance,
then take it at its word . . .
Look not to open up its eyes
nor cage it like a bird.

Its song is not for you to hear,
its beauty undisclosed.
Your presence is a mortal threat,
a danger unopposed.


It has always been,
and continues now to be --
the outlet best suited;
most appropriate to me.

It was never doubtful,
or hidden from my sight --
Not subtle in its presence;
nor subject to my sight.

It is both quick and urgent,
no practice time required --
t'is best when it comes easily;
there by the muse inspired.


I've seen the work of death itself --
and I am unimpressed.
Its trademark is a rotten core
and leads me not to rest.