Back when I was electrified

                Back when I was electrified 
               I flowed with dazzling light. 
              I coalesced and turned about -- 
                 My tantrums lit the night. 

           I darkened days through force of will; 
                  laid siege upon the land 
             I flooded it with rain and sleet, 
                 then pelted it with sand. 

            My passions knocked the seas around 
                   in watery convulsions. 
           While men made small and vain attempts 
                  to limit my compulsions. 

           But now I find my strength has waned -- 
                No lightenings heed my call. 
                 No cateclysms fill the air 
                  and so confirm my fall. 

                I seek to reinstate myself, 
              break forth with angry thunder. 
              While worldly forces lay in wait 
                  to tear me all asunder. 

                  Were I again electrified, 
               consumed once more with power. 
           I'd storm the earth from end to end -- 
                  assault it by the hour.