Mother Songs.


              Might we regain the Mother now?
             . . . forsake our blind ambition.
           Bring back the Druid, spurned so long?
              . . . unmake our proud sedition. 

              Can we reclaim the sacred grove?
            . . . where first She made us sing.
               Relearn her ways of innocence?
              . . . and ponder simpler things. 

               For surely Nature's not undone
              . . . despite our mad endeavor.
           The oak still grows, the deer still run
             . . . the fox is still as clever.

                Let me regain the Mother now. 
                I'm done with pride and folly. 
             I long to see Her spread her skirts 
              `neath Oak and Birch and Holly. 

              Too long have I enjoyed my reign 
                 now tired of my ambition. 
             My lofty dreams are all but spent 
                since first I made sedition.


            Bring forth the Mother spurned so long 
                  for time is coming full. 
             The Wheel has turned now overlong 
                and slows its forward pull.