What a pair…

What a pair we are,

you and I –

You, amazed you’ve lived this long,

and me afraid to die.


Both of us require con­trol

and seek to take com­mand,

but nei­ther one enough con­fi­dence

to take the upper hand.


Insta­bil­i­ty is the chain

that links our souls.

We embrace secu­ri­ty

to con­sum­mate our goals.


Cer­tain of our natures

and sure we’ve found romance.

We nev­er bow to winds of change,

nor leave our days to chance.


More than prov­i­dence

seals our fate –

we secure our des­tiny

despite the Bigot’s hate.


Undis­cov­ered pas­sions

ensure our last­ing bond,

And look­ing past our own despair

we hope for life beyond.