Christmas Eve 2013

Christ­mas Eve 2013 is here, and work­ing its way into the after­noon already. It’s been a gor­geous day — sun­ny and beau­ti­ful. The high was 81 degrees today and tonight’s low is sup­posed to be around 52 degrees. Got­ta love South­ern Cal­i­for­nia! I was look­ing at the tree today, remem­ber­ing some of our past Christ­mas eves here at the Tri­an­gle Inn, and decid­ed to pull a few pic­tures.…

The first four pho­tos above are from this year. Tree done in Red and Green, albeit a mod­ern tale on the tra­di­tion­al col­ors… then there’s our Dun­can Christ­mas from 2007…miss that guy…then there’s 2010 — the year of max­i­mum dec­o­ra­tion — David had fun dec­o­rat­ing that year — and final­ly one of Putz guard­ing the door. Great mem­o­ries.