I Remember - 

	Chalk White Cliffs. 
Strong Winds. 
	The night, and the Moon.

Waves crash, if only in my mind now...
	this time!
This less than life, now,
Almost Memory!

Brings me back!

To time,
	to times...
			to myself?
				to ME!

I saw the Storm grow!
	saw the Lightning!
		Heard the Thunder, 
			felt the Rain.

This is Mine!
	My Land.
		My Fantasy?

Fantastic Land!
	All of mine, for my people.

I will not be turned away!
	Not in the face of this strange new faith.

	Will not be lost!
		Abandoned for a Babe!

All this for a Male? 

       For a penis and its passion?

Where is Mother?  How felt?

Where is Heaven, where heart is,
         and the night.

Mothers sing of birth and new beginnings,

The moon sings a song of solace for all of Her new Creation...

Where is Mother - 

And why not Worshipped?

For if Faith is lost,
	how will the world survive?

		If Faith fails,
			or finds itself replaced?

We Fail?

Stand forth and face the Storm.

Did I?

Take Heart!
	For If faith is lost, it cannot be the end.

Something yet remains, albeit lost.

Have I been re-imagined - 

	By myself?

By a World I once imagined
 into existence, and belief.

I remember - 

And, having failed?

Can only bring to mind the briefest of sense of myself, and of the World I wrought!

Dream Tight. The Day is spent, and the standing stones must fail.

In Memory.

I remember!
	Sense My SELF!
		Dream darkly upon a dream time,
	or was it real?

I feel the water; feel the wind - 

	Sense Something secret; something sacred -

Become Profane!

Who is this/was this?
	I remember - 

Where am I,
	was that?

Who is this/was I?
	I can see me - 

What happened...

Where was I,
	and When?
		Will be,