small memories.

Small memories. 

These tiny moments are all I have this day, 
		and for all my days left in this time and place...

I cry.

So much lost,

Forsaken, perhaps.

	 But not for naught!

Rather for a promise - 

		For hope, 
			for dreams - 
				for some sacred sight of future time,
					when we, 
						or all our children,
							will find ways to make a better life.

To live!
	Live better, 
		live free, 
			live beyond the hunger, 
				and the poverty, 
					and the knowledge 
that we are but the servants of some other, 
	and some others, 
		who care neither for our toil, 
			nor our heartaches, 
				nor our hopes,
					nor our hearts and minds.

It is for this that we die.
	That we break these hearts, 
		    and ours!

Small memories.

	We break,	
		and remember.