Who Are We, part one

What is ours?
	Our Choice!
And what is pre-ordained?

And better yet, who can tell which is which,
	and what is what?

I believe, no, I think, no, I wonder...

Am I who I am because of some set of genes and some set of chemicals?

	Or is the result the consequence of something deeper,
		Something lurking somewhere in the aether realm!

And who or what can tell, or even be willing to be asked the question?

	And even if some One or some Thing can be found,
exactly how much trust can we put into someOne
	whose only messengers are the same flawed (odd) creatures
that have to ask the question in the first place....

And so I come back to the First question -
	What is ours, what is “us?”

What do we control,
	and what “other” part is carried within our selves
like the imprint of a credit card?

I wonder, or do I?
	Is it me, or the preprogrammed piece of me
that even has the impetus to ask the question?