We were all the inheritors of the same set of genes, 
	more or less.

Changed, a little, 
	by the introduction of a separate set of fathers or mothers.

But overall, 
	all the same. 

We came out Ragged. 
	Ripped from the same tapestry, 
made from the same fabric,
	but built by different women’s wombs.

So where did we go different? 
	What specific splice made us come undone, 
fraying at the ends,
	falling further and further apart from each other?

	What kept one sane; caused one to fade -
Made another into a hermit.
	What was there deep inside us that turned us all apart,
and into such separate selves; with separate lives 
	and divergent desires.

What made one so obsessed with life and living; 
	another, not caring!
What kept one safe from addiction,
	while another turned first into an addict, 
and then into a whore.

Are some of us lucky to be still alive? 
	Still breathing, while others lie still?

Or is our future fraught with sorrows 
	you’re happy to have missed?

And how are we to know.