Kiss Me Kate.

Kiss me Kate!

You fucking Bitch!

	You had it all! 
Easy. Everything!

	Husband (and a Hot one!),
Children (they loved you),
	and barely Knew me (queer uncles are like that).

And still you have the nerve to leave?

	The Nerve!

To just up and go! 
	On your own Terms, you said.
		Because it was just too much, you said!

Leave. Me. Leave them!

I am so angry!

But I am here now. 
and I will make sure these babies, and that man, 
	make it through this.

	You asked me. You knew I would be. 

Sitting here.  Without you.

	Watching other people cry.
Catching all the looks. 
	All the people thinking 
You should be sitting here
	instead of me!

It’s not even so much that I disagree.
	But You gave me no choice.

Just took yourself out of play.

So yeah. I’m angry. 

	But don’t worry. 
I can counter all these furies,
	Bear all the Barbs -
even be civil, sometimes.

Extend a little comfort when it’s needed.
	Even shed my own tears when no one else is looking.

But you’re not getting off easy.
	I’m still pissed.

You lie there, hidden from view
	safe from harm now,
Separated from your Pain, 
	but also from all your pretties!

Safe. And within in the arms of, who?


I don’t think so. 
	You wouldn’t either, dammit!

	Did I remember to call you that?
Because if I didn’t, 
	let me say it again.

Dying was the easy way out!