You Can’t Bring Back the Dead.

You can’t bring back the dead.

Rumors of a simple resurrection
	fall short of the Real Thing,
when ashes to ashes, 
	and dust to dust kick in.

And then there are the worms - 
	Held off for a while by the vapors of formaldyhyde,
and any number of other vile chemicals.

But never left without a way back in...
	time alone tells how long such creatures wait
until feasting on the dead.

Better to burn, I say.
	Scatter out quickly,
and be done with decisions
	left to family and friends.

They have enough reasons to fight, 
	and suspect one another 
of every sort of disrespect, 
	or infidelity, or worse....

Here’s the truth.

Dead is dead, and gone is gone.

The only ones who care one way or the other,
	are the ones left behind to pick up pieces, 
	hold yard sales, 
and deal with charities,
	either yours or theirs.

You can’t bring back the dead.

If somebody ever did,
	Jesus, maybe,
He had no idea how much trouble 
	he was causing.

How many deaths - 

How many heartbreaks.

You can’t bring back the dead - 
	except with memories.