What is Reality (and Who)?

What is Real­i­ty (and Who)?

Who am I?
Am I the per­son I think I am -
the per­son you think I am,
or the per­son they think I am.

I pick “E” — None of the above.

Real­i­ty is mal­leable at best;
unde­fin­able at worst.

Who I am
is changed each time it is reflect­ed
through my own mind.

More still, when reflect­ed
through the mind
of anoth­er sen­tient being.

I think the best that any of us can hope for
is that our attempts to be the best,
trans­late into and back from
oth­er peo­ple in some sim­i­lar fash­ion.

Each take at an action -
each take at “I am”
goes out in a mil­lion pieces
before com­ing back to us
as reflec­tions seen by oth­ers.


Is it hard­er to be who every­one thinks you are,
or who you know you are?

Hard­er to live with­in the per­cep­tions of the world,
or with­in the whole­ness of your heart?

And what is right? Where is Truth?
Who is best served — more adjust­ed; less insane?

I know a truth that is impos­si­ble.

And yet it IS truth.
IS real.

For more than half a cen­tu­ry,
this truth has lived in dark­ness -
Removed —

From real­i­ty,
and the hope that it might fade
with the pass­ing of time.

But noth­ing is so sim­ple.
No heart, no hope, no truth.

And real­i­ty?
That’s what we live.
Truth remains, though -
Stays there, wet and weep­ing.
an incon­ve­nient hon­esty
left drip­ping out­side
after the rain.