Early Work…Religious Overtones…

I recent­ly lost a lot of data when an exter­nal hard dri­ve failed. Despite all sorts of attempts at back­ing up infor­ma­tion, one fail­ure changed his­to­ry, at least for me. You know how they say if you won’t remem­ber it next year, don’t wor­ry about it. I’ll remem­ber this…

Loss of history…loss of work…loss of projects…loss of creativity…and time.

Loss of…

Poet­ry? Sto­ries.… Bits of me.

I scoured every sin­gle hard dri­ve and exter­nal hard dri­ve and thumb dri­ve I could find. I pulled files of poet­ry, and sort­ed through it all to find the most recent copies of every­thing. I con­fess it was a bit man­ic, but what do you do when you’re in fear of hav­ing lost your­self.

I decid­ed I would share a lot of my old­er poet­ry on here so it would have a chance to live some­where else (besides in my head and on a hard dri­ve some­where)…

First installment…from some­time in the eight­ies or ear­ly nineties…much of it is cen­tered around Chris­tian­i­ty, faith and reli­gious dia­logue. I won’t deny that much of it may be trou­bling to those with strong reli­gious beliefs.…

Test of Faith.

               Test of Faith;
                     a willing turn,
                 down the road to insanity. 

                     More than crazy!
                In point of fact,

			Driven by an angry God,
                         to insanity,
                  and a willingness to die,
                          to hunt,
                          	 to kill,
                          		to maim - 

                 all in the name of faith.

				...and I thought I was Mad!