Religious Overtones, continued.

             Step On Up To Heaven.

             Step on up to Heaven (with me) --
            There's a path right over here . . .
                       next to Jesus. 

                You can even lean on Him --
              if you get tired along the way. 

                     He's a good Man --
                    Son of God, in fact! 

             Always there to lend a hand . . .
                when Heaven's on your mind. 

                      But, hang on --
               wait just a minute here . . .
                    Is that a sin I see?
          Are you trying to bring some sins along --
                         To Heaven? 

                   See we don't do sins --
                          here --
                         in Heaven!
               Don't let `em near this place! 

 You could almost say we're allergic to sins here in Heaven,
                    Allergic to sins --
                     and sinful people. 

                  We've got rules you see. 

               Did I forget to mention that? 

             We've got rules here in Heaven --
                rules that gotta be obeyed! 

                   And when you don't --
                  obey the rules, that is . . . 

            let's just say you could slip . . . 

                      Lose your way --
                      -- Miss a step,
                         and Fall. 

              Security is steep, you see . . .
                    Can't let Sins pass,
                       or Sinners --
                 Not on the way to Heaven. 

                     We train `em hard --
                       our security.
                  We train `em hard . . .
                       To spot Sin --
                       and Sinners --
                here on the road to Heaven. 

                      Funny, though --
               `cause Jesus won't join in -- 

           Do you think security's too good . . .
                    for the Son of God?
             Is He too High to notice Sinners? 

          Sinners that need to be brought down --
                    however we can . . .
                     whenever we can. 

             That Jesus, He won't join us --
                  Some Son of God We got! 

                       He keeps talking,
              about Sinners -- and sinfulness. 

              Seems He thinks they're worthy --
                          of time,
                     and trouble . . . 

                  Now, you might say,
		how can WE know better?
                   and yet we KNOW we do! 

             That’s why we’re not so high on Jesus.
 		After all -  how can we keep security --
              on track, on target, and on time? 

                        When Jesus! 

                      He's Forgiving!
                Understanding! Even Caring! 

                 Willing to fill Heaven --
                         with Sin! 

                       Push Him off!
                   Get Him off this Road! 

                    Son of God, my ass! 

                        He's a Fool!
                  Pretender to the Throne! 

                Jehovah's Witness.

             Jehovah's witness has a home
                amidst the heavenly layers,
             Reviving Saints from parts unknown
              with a hundred thousand prayers! 

                 Jehovah has a Golden Rule
                 and lots of laws to break.
              His followers return to school,
                Seek out new rules to make! 

               In droves the Witnesses go out
                 to share Jehovah's dream.
            They walk, and talk, and cast about
                more deadly than they seem. 

          With hearts aflame they preach and pray --
                  Invoke Jehovah's power.
            They walk the neighborhoods by day,
                  grow bolder by the hour!